Monday, February 28, 2011


I heard about this on the forums.  It's a personal cloud app that runs on multiple platforms including Tonido's own plug server.  I set it up on my arch linux server with a little help from the forums there, and so far I've been very impressed.  It looks like this will replace the previous solutions I had in place for music, files, and photos on the cloud.  I've opened it up for my family to use, but we'll see if any of them choose to participate.

I hope to finalize and maintain a pkgbuild in the arch's AUR for tonido in the near future.


Since google has been so kind as to provide a cr-48 chrome notebook for me to test, I feel it's only fair to start a blog discussing my use of it (and whatever else I happen to be doing technology-wise).  So here it is.  Don't expect anything huge, but there may be a useful nugget from time to time.