Thursday, March 10, 2011

Remember CD's?

The wife won a scholarship the other day (I'm very proud by the way) and part of her duties are to send in a picture for a newsletter or something like that.  So how does the scholarship committee want the picture submitted?  The two options are mailing in a printed picture, or mailing in a CD with the images on it.  Oh, and all pictures must be saved in a TIFF format.

So, I fired up the server (the only remaining computer with a disc drive still in service in my household), "convert pic.jpg pic.tif", installed k3b, blew the dust from 1993 of a CD, and burned the 7mb's of data onto a 700mb disc that will be mailed via the USPS.  The wife's degree is in library science and these people apparently can't organize emailed pictures from the 5-10 winners.

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